For Focus + Energy

Caffeine from
Organic Green Tea


Sampler PackSampler Pack
Acai Blueberry Tea – 3 PackAcai Blueberry Tea – 3 Pack
Vanilla Chai Tea – 3 PackVanilla Chai Tea – 3 Pack
Citrus Green Tea Matcha – 3 PackCitrus Green Tea Matcha – 3 Pack

Need to Focus? Snack on This.

Feel like you have too much to do, and not enough focus to get it all done? We hear ya! Our team felt the same way so we created caffeinated energy snacks that taste good and keep you focused.

Caffeine from Organic Tea

Did you know that tea is a great source of natural caffeine? More than that, tea contains l-theanine, which reduces stress and prevents jitters and crashes. How cool!



  • Delicious and healthy energy snacks - perfect for a quick energy boost while hiking and mountain biking!

    Rob Osborne
  • These are sooo good! Can't wait to try the other flavors. We loved the delicate sweet and salty touch. They're certainly too good to have just one at a time! We threw them in our bag and snacked on them throughout the day while we were on the go, and we found them very satisfying! Good to know exactly what we're putting into our bodies!

    Ana and Brian
  • I love having a snack that is healthy and feels beneficial to eat. Lets be honest, granola bars suck, Tea Squares are perfection.

  • I picked up the acai blueberry flavor at Whole Foods today and will be grabbing more on my next trip for sure! I love the concept and the price was very affordable! Keep it up, I see this product doing very well!

  • I had the opportunity to sample your Madagascar Vanilla squares yesterday at Whole Foods in Evanston, Illinois.   BEST snack I've ever tasted...and with all my favorite things in them.  I also want to add that they aren't all other snacks and bars are, and that's important, because with other bars, they get stuck in my teeth...NOT a good thing.  I'm going back to Whole Foods in a few minutes to get a few more bags.....What a GREAT product!


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