Fueling Economic Development in Urban Communities



TeaSquares employs young adults from underserved communities throughout Chicago.



We partner with companies including Facebook and Google to promote diversity in business.



We believe in equitable business that supports our local economy and community.

Our social mission is tied in part to the location of the business: on West 75th Street in Englewood, an almost entirely African-American neighborhood that has struggled mightily with economic decline, population loss and violent crime over the past four decades. Tea Squares is part of a rising effort based on one of the tenets of the Good Food movement: that food businesses can play a catalytic role in restoring economic vitality to struggling communities (both urban and rural).

Fellowship Program

TeaSquares is launching an on-the-job training program hiring talented young adults with from underserved neighborhoods. We provide hands on experience across one of three verticals: sales, marketing and operations. At the end of the program, we either hire these young adults or we help them find a job elsewhere. We will hire 2-3 fellows at a time. Fellows will shadow a member of our team and have responsibilities within their vertical. Currently our fellowship program is full for 2017. Please check back for future updates.